Men Teach Men

Everything great had to start somewhere. And this is the beginning of Men Teach Men. If you’re reading this post to probably wondering what is Men Teach Men?

Before I get into what Men Teach Men is about, let me start by explaining, why did I start the website. I work with a lot of young men. I am finding more than ever men are losing out on many life lessons. Some of these lessons, I learned from having a caring father in my life, others I learned from experience. I wanted to create a space that promotes positivity and growth. This website will serve as a forum to introduce men to new things.

Men Teach Men is a website/blog to introduce men to new ideas.  The website will discuss a variety of subjects such as health, money, travel and several other things. I would like to use this site to promote personal growth in others and myself.

In closing, I would like to welcome you to Men Teach Men and I hope you keep visiting.


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