Staying Single Improved My Life

Last year May, I was diagnosed with cancer. Cancer is still a touchy subject for me as I am not ready to thoroughly discuss it. I will get to a discussion about it sooner or later because I think it’s crucial to take care of yourself and create awareness. I was fortunate that the cancer was removed, and I am currently cancer-free. With the type of cancer I had, and the probability of it returning, I decided it was time for me to throw in the towel. Marriage and kids are out of the picture for me.

With weeks of recovery ahead of me, on my bed unable to walk, and deep in thought. While I was already on the verge of going my own way, I guess cancer push me in the right direction. I looked back at my past relationships, and I realized that I was never happy in any of my relationships. I guess I could even say I was never even content. When the relationship started to go on the rocks and then it ended for months after I was a mess. These periods of emotional instability created nothing productive. I realized that happiness cannot be found within another person. You must find happiness within yourself.

Since I have given up dating, my life has drastically improved. In the last two months, I’ve visited Germany, the Czech Republic, and Colombia. Next week I’m going to London to drink beer with my cousin for a few days. My increased travel has people thinking where I am getting all this money. While the money I make has not increased how I spend it has changed. I realized with my new circumstances. I want to enjoy life a little more and be happy. And the only way I can be happy is by doing things the way I want to do them.

So, I want you guys to think about this if something makes you unhappy stay away from it. We have a limited time on earth and why not choose to prosper then to suffer.


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